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Thread: New to the board, need help.

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    Default New to the board, need help.

    Hi all,
    I am trying to sell a house that has been on the market for a while. I have had several interested parties that I think I could have helped more if I had some of my information flyers translated to Spanish.
    I feel horrible when I have to turn a call down because I can't provide basic information due to my lack of language skills, and wondered if someone could help me.
    Is there a place here where I could cut and paste the information and get some help please?

    I have about 130 words total. About 60 on the front of the leaflet and the rest on the back. Google did a bad job, as when I re-translated it, it made no sense at all!!!!

    Thank you!


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    I can help if you want. Look, to be honest, online automated translators are quite good at translater other languages into English, but are not so good at Spanish. I can translate those words, it's not a very long text. Just send it to me as a private message or post it here. I would give you my e-mail address but as I have a spam filter, I may not receive it. Good luck! I'm waiting for your reply.

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    I could try to help you too. Send me a private message if you still need help with that translation! (:

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