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Thread: Help with a sentence? :)

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    Default Help with a sentence? :)

    Hello! I am trying very hard to write a cute little sentence or two to a dear friend of mine, and I was wondering if someone could help me out, as it's causing me some big troubles! My version is probably a big mess lol.

    I am trying to say in English:

    If I was able to say only one thing to you, I would say that I just want you to be happy, even if you are not able to find happiness with me, because I love you.

    What I have in Spanish:
    Si yo puedo decir sólo una cosa a tú, diría que yo sólo quiero ver que tú estás feliz, aun cuando no puedes hallar la felicidad conmigo, porque te amo.

    Thinks I know I did wrong are in bold... and there is probably other things I translated wrong in there unbolded too

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    Si pudiera decir una sola cosa, diría que solo quiero que seas feliz, aún cuando no halles la felicidad conmigo, porque te amo.
    It´s not too bad what you wrote, the verbs are not correct, but the sentence is meaningful. Don´t give up.

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