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Thread: forum administrative questions

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    Question forum administrative questions

    My sucription notification has Daily email notification but I am not receiving them. what else do I need to do?

    Another doubt:
    Why is it that not all the answers to the questions show up on the main list. If I open the question, they appear below, otherwise I don't know whether there are any answers.


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    I think you get a notification only when you have posted on a thread, otherwise you don't and you get another notification for the same thread, only if after receiving a notification you visit the page or click on the link.

    When you click on the link of the notification, the last answer appears first and you roll down and read the others. The question or the original thread appears at the end.
    Now, if you visit the site and click on a forum, then thread and so, first you have the original question and below the answers.
    Hope I was of some help...
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