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Thread: I want to send a letter to Peru!

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    Default I want to send a letter to Peru!

    the problem? I'm a high schooler with only a year of spanish under my belt can anyone translate this for me to spanish?

    (btw, the guy has lucemia .)

    Hello Marco!
    My name is Buddy. How are you doing? Personally, I'm okay, but I've heard from your aunt, who's our teacher, that you have lucemia. That must be very depressing. I do hope you get better soon...

    What is it like in Peru? I've heard that you guys get summer during December! How warm is it up there? In Minnesota, it really isn't as cold as you think. Why just yesterday, it was 90 degrees! In May!

    Well, I hope you get better soon! Just remember, God is watching, and He can make miracles!

    Good luck with therapy! - Buddy

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    Hola Marco!
    Mi nombre es Buddy. ¿Cómo estás? Yo estoy bien, pero me enteré por tu tía, nuestra maestra, que padeces leucemia. Debe ser muy difícil. Espero que mejores pronto...

    ¿Cómo es la vida en Perú? Escuché que allí en Diciembre es verano! ¿Qué temperatura tienen por allá? En Minnesota no hace tanto frío como piensas. Justamente ayer tuvimos 90 grados! En Mayo!

    Bueno, espero que te mejores pronto! Y recuerda, Dios nos mira y obra milagros!!

    Suerte con el tratamiento,

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    When mentioning the temperature, remember that 90 degrees left just like that will be understood as 200 F...I would advice that you write "32 grados" which is the Celcius equivalent of 90 F.

    I hope this helps,


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