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Thread: Help properly translating poetic sentences in English to Spanish

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    Default Help properly translating poetic sentences in English to Spanish

    I'm exclusively an English speaker. Recently I have been writing poems/lyrics and for one I am currently working on instead of writing the sentences 1) "The bull is love", 2) "is love" and 3) "destroy the heart" in English, I feel thematically the lyrics would be strengthened if spoken in Spanish.

    I have used several translating apps and searches but these vary, and aren't always reliable. For the first two I often see 'El Toro Es El Amor' or 'El Toro Es Amor' and the last 'Destruir El Corazón'.
    If anyone on these forums who are fluent in Spanish could help me translate these, I'd greatly appreciate it! Also be helpful if anyone can suggest a reliant app, translator search for English-Spanish OR a book in which I can learn to write simple sentences such as these.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who helps
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