This is the song I need to be transcribed. (A segment only, not the whole song )

The singer creatively mixed Filipino-Spanish-English to the song and I find it amazing.

The singer started singing Spanish at 2:59 and stopped at 3:30 and I couldn't understand well the wordings since I'm not fluent in Spanish. I badly want to sing this song to my ex-girlfriend since this song is for seeking forgiveness and getting back together again. She's in Madrid and I'm in the Philippines right now and this is the best I could do to seek forgiveness.

Looking forward to your response. Thank you and I appreciate your help.

A youtube user commented the Spanish lyrics but he isn't quite sure. Could you validate it please?

Esta haces abre es ante
Tu puede olvidar de mis lado
Con trae me otra vez
Amar me otra vez
Regresa ames

No lo puedo quiero
Y yo estuves te lo un mia
Yo no puedo reconocer
Te yo saber de tu no amar al mal vea
This is the English Version (sort of since originally it is sung in Filipino. This is not accurate but I think it does the job)
Are you still going to hug me
The warmth of your kiss for me
can you still give it back
Every hurtful moment
was felt now that you are gone

I can't make it
Without you by my side
I can't make it when
I would learn that you don't love me anymore
This is still on the part 2:59 to 3:30.

Thank you.