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Thread: help translating text

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    Exclamation help translating text

    Hi i need help translating this paragraph for spanish class and i am not really understanding the material in this unit can someone please translate this paragraph for me to spanish? thanks.

    as a child, I was very active and happy. I was always excited. I liked to go outside. I also liked to play soccer. I used to watch spongebob. I also watched the news. I went with my family to florida on vacation. It was warm weather. My favorite toys were legos. I played with them a lot. One thing I did often was play with friends. I played soccer and videogames with them. My friends were Anthony and Billy. We played basketball and soccer. As a child, I went to florida. I went during the summer. I stayed on the beach and went to disney world. I went with my mom and grandparents. We went to a lot of restaurants. I saw animals at the zoo. I also saw fish. I went on roller coasters and other rides. Right now, I am athletic. I am tall. I am also a outgoing person.

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    I don't know Alex, maybe you should try getting used to writing proper English before you get into Spanish. For instance, capitalizing proper names like the pronoun I; Spanish; SpongeBob; Florida; Disney World. This will carry over into the translation as well.

    The paragraph is not complicated so you should make an effort to translate it yourself before asking us to do your homework for you. If you submit your translated version I'm sure somebody will be happy to help correct it.

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    Default Re: help translating text

    I think it will be highly beneficial for you if you try to do the translation yourself. It may take you a while but I would not want to prevent you from getting the full learning experience you deserve.

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    Default Re: help translating text

    HI alex, I agree with my two mates...if you have a question about a special structure or such in your text, just ask us.

    Welcome to the forum

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