Hello everybody, can anyone be so kind to revise this claim letter. It is for a classwork.I am writing to you to express my deepdissatisfaction with the treatment received on my last visit to yourRestaurant on November 25th.

In spite of the fact that there werenot many people in the Restaurant,we had to wait more than 10 minutesto be attended. We stood at the entrance,waiting and waiting untilsomeone came to offer us a table.He wanted to place us at a tableclose to the kitchen with the smells coming from there.We requested atable on the terrace.There were some empty ones, but the waiter saidthat they were reserved for other clients who would come later. He placed us finally at a table near the window with some view. Not bad atall but it was not the desired place.

Despite of being faithful customers,the waiter who served us did not recognize us. He did not know who wewere.We asked if you were on duty.He had such a hurry,he just said itwas your day off. Finally,after waiting a long time the food we wereserved was not good. The meat was slightly burned and the fish lookedlike frozen.

Everything went wrong that night.Wefelt we had not been served, as well as we had expected and thereforewe had not other choice than complain. The duty manager that eveningjust agreed to invite us to the coffees.Of course, we rejected suchunacceptable proposal.

We expect a formal written apology,according to the name and category of your establishment.
Otherwise, we will be forced to publishthis bad experience in all the relevant Internet sites.

I look forward to your response.