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Thread: can someone help me translate this carta? it would help me a lot!! thanks in advance!

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    Default can someone help me translate this carta? it would help me a lot!! thanks in advance!

    i have been having a tough week and your letter, like when the warm sun on your face on an expecting cold winter day

    what a mad fool i was, on my last few days in granada, anticipating the last day in granada, Imagining the scene in my head thousands of time, how it would be to see you again, if you would be smoking in the balcony when i walk down the street, or if the building door would not open like always and you will have to come down to let me in, or I would find you on the dining room table with your college books

    the rest of the year after I met you in the summer, was truly the strangest time of my life, as sense betrayed me, I did not recognize myself, everything that I was saying or thinking, was fogged by your thoughts- the cloud over me, and more often than not, I let myself get lost in it,
    I didn't recognize this person who was going around the city taking hours and hours of video, so that it might make you smile for 5 minutes

    and no, i don't know why i felt this way about you any more today than I did 2 years ago, but I am more comfortable with it now, its a part of me,
    I have enjoyed being free and not being grappled by it, but I think of you often and fondly.
    I do not know how or when it will happen, but some days, out of nowhere, your face comes in front of my eyes, my heart beats faster, the same music sounds sweeter that it ever has, my knees feel week, and it makes my heart smile, thinking of how much I felt for you in the few hours that I knew you, what you inspired in me,

    I have some news, I will be in spain for the wedding of a spanish friend this july in badajoz, and maybe we can meet again in granada or seville?
    since the past few weeks, I am imagining what it would be like if we meet again after 2 years again, maybe it will be a not too hot afternoon, and we would meet at a outdoor cafe and order beer, how strange that feels!

    I should tell you that for the past some time, I have been finding my way back to falling in love again, and I hope as always that you are on your way to finding the one very very lucky man

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    Default Re: can someone help me translate this carta? it would help me a lot!! thanks in adva

    es demasiado larga pero lo útil es que va a ir a españa en julio en badajoz para el casamiento de un amigo y pregunta si se podrían encontrar en granada o en sevilla. El resto es una carta de amor. Suerte con tu chico, ojalá que sean felices.

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