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Thread: help with translating an recipe!

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    Default help with translating an recipe!

    Please translate this into basic spanish, use commands...

    How to make empienadas

    1, get baking oil, pan, cheese, and tortilla

    2, heat up the pan

    3, put cheese inside the tortia

    4, fold tortia then place in oil

    5, after 5 min it is done!!!!!!!

    6, after that remember to enjoy

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    Hi pHilipen.. I propose the following translation :

    Como preparer empienadas

    • Ingredientes: Aceite para hornear, sartén, queso y tortilla
    • Caliente el sartén
    • coloque el queso dentro de la tortilla
    • Doble la tortilla y colóquela en aceite
    • Luego de 5 minutes, está lista la empienada
    • Después no olvide disfrutarlas
    Hope it helps

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    I agree with Hebe. My choices:
    "aceite" instead of "aceite para hornear"
    "!Luego de 5 minutos están listas!"
    "No se olvide de disfrutar"

    It looks similar to the recipe for our "empanadas", yummy!

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