Hey, guys

I would really like to send a lovely sms to a girl, that i really love. She will have a Bday tommorow, so i would appreciate if you could help me out today, or tomorow. We both like spanish language how it sounds, but we don't understand more than 10 words, I guess Maybe someday we will learn it, so now i need a help.

Please help me translate something like this, i know it could sound a little teenager, but what the hell :

"My supergirl, I want to congratulate you in your birthday, and tell you, that you are the most amazing, most lovely, most beautiful and most precious girl in my life. I hope that this will be very good and fun day for you, I can't wait for you to be mine, so i can make you the happiest girl on the planet. I love you so much. I will always be your honeybear."

That would be it, please please help me as fast as you can. I promise to visit Spain someday!!

Have a good day.