Hello everyone, it's my first thread on this forum. Forgive me, but I won't be using spanish because I still don't feel comfortable enough to write in "castellano". A thing that will hopefully change in near future.

However, I was asked to translate a website content for my friend who doesn't know languages and I'm stuck with one sentence(ok, not only one, but this sentence emerges as the most troublesome).

"If I didn't know it's the natural power of Acai Berry, coupled with modern science, that made this possible, I'd think it's a miracle"

I tried to translate it using the "condicional imperfecto", but I simply feel it doesn't sound correct.
This is my version of this sentence:
"Si no supiera que es la fuerza natural de Acai Berry junto con la ciencia moderna que lo hiciera posible , pensaria que es un milagro"

I'm aware it looks like a very clumsy loan translation, but I couldn't come up with anything else that would make any sense.

Thank you in advance,