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Thread: Hi all, can anyone translate this to English please?

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    Default Hi all, can anyone translate this to English please?

    como le fue en el trabajo? Yo me voy acedar hasta el de Majo...Estoy aqui donde Jonathan....mandame un mesaje cuando tengas tiempito chaito

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    How did he/she do at work?
    I assume this is referring to a third person 'cause it's an informal conversation so Como le fue could be formal you or he/she but in this conversation I don't think he is "formarly" referring to how did you do at work? but someone else.

    This next sentence is rather strange 'cause I am not sure about it... but it could be related to Majo (is this is a person) or May if it is not properly spelled...Maybe he/she will go to Majo's (place of work) or will stay until May.

    I am at Jonathan's now. Send me a message when you have some time. Bye
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