1.mind your own business.
2.i dont know what you are talking about.
3.i dont know what you are saying.
4.i want to go to sleep.
5.stop,what are you doing
6.i had nothing to say
7.i cant justify the way everyone is looking at me
8.because you said that your boyfriend is not clinically sane
9.but why should i care?
10.you bring the thought back
11.im telling you that
12.when i look into your eyes
13.the sacrifice is never knowing
14.all i know
15.you never took the time to know me
16.leave me alone
17.the bell is about to ring
18.bearing with my life little by little
19.listen to me
20.he does not look right
21.what do you need?
22.i want to live life to the fullest
23.no,i dont have a girlfriend
24.why are you looking at me like that
25.you got that fire(slang wise)
26.where is your boyfriend
27.maybe i do
28.too much work,its hard
29.move your body
30.im bored
31.sure i will do it
32.you smell nice
33.i dont think so
34.my friend wants to be with you
35.who's fault is it then