Hello - My husband and I recently took a cruise and met a very friendly couple from Mexico on their 50th wedding anniversary. They spoke no English, and we no Spanish, but we managed to have a pleasant dinner together anyway. We took several pictures and they gave us their address in Mexico so we can mail them.

Back at home I with a woman from Bilbao, Spain - and asked her to write a nice note (in Spanish) we could sent along with the picutures. She wrote the following passage, but our aunt (from the Dominican Republic) says it is different from the 'Carribean' Spanish she understands.

Solamente les queriamos mandar una nota para decirles que agradable fue conocerles a los dos.
Fue una pena que no pudimos comunicarnos en otro idioma pero nos dimos cuenta de que ustedes son formidables.
Que Dios les bendiga,

Denise y Mike Flathers.

Please: 1- Can someone translate this into English for us, 2 - and then into Spanish dialect that the nice couple from Mexico will understand.

Thank you very much. Denise Flathers