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Thread: Inversion, particular cases.

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    Unhappy Inversion, particular cases.

    Hello again people, I have a couple of questions related to the inversion of some kind of sentences.

    First, is it possible to use inversion in the imperative mood? For example:
    Do not plug the cable under any circumstances.

    Second, in this particular clause, is it possible use inversion?
    If you need more information, call me.

    Thank you, this doubt is causing me a headache.

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    Default Re: Inversion, particular cases.

    I think it's perfectly fine. In fact, in the first case it's more correct to say it the way you put it than inverted ('Under any circumstances do not plug the cable' sounds a bit wrong; I think it'd be more acceptable if you said 'Under no circumstances plug the cable' but still it's much better the way you said it above)

    In the second case, it's exactly the same.
    You can say both 'Call me if you need anythig else' and 'If you need anything else, call me' indistinctly.

    I hope this was your doubt and I helped you
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    Default Re: Inversion, particular cases.

    You can also say:

    Under no circumstances should you plug the cable.

    Should you need further information, call me/ Call me, should you need more information.

    But I think these are more formal ways of saying it.

    Hope this helped!

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    Default Re: Inversion, particular cases.

    Hola a todos.

    Me parece que con el auge del PLAIN ENGLISH, cada vez el mensaje debe redactarse de manera más directa y con menos formalismos (como la inversión) para estar en sintonía con la nueva normativa.

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