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Thread: can someone help me translate this text? will be very thankful!

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    Default can someone help me translate this text? will be very thankful!

    Dutch the natural way:
    All our courses focus on gaining command of spoken Dutch and feeling comfortable and confident in speaking the language as soon as possible. For this reason, we put great emphasis on pronunciation and articulation through dialogues, singing and all kind of rhythmical drills and games. Of course students get the necessary grammar, but grammar is not a goal in itself, thatís to talk Dutch right from the start.
    Our method focuses on communication, and youíre going to learn the language -- including the grammar by communicating in Dutch with your sparring partners in the class and not through bookish ideas and book learning. You will be encouraged to do the same outside in shops, cafes, with colleagues and/or your partner.
    For more information visit our website.
    You are also welcome to contact us by email or phone.

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    Hello Talia, translation is a paid service.
    I suggest you translate this yourself and write it here, so we can give our suggestions.


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