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Thread: recources or resources?

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    Default recources or resources?

    Does the word recources make sense here or did they mean resources?

    1. Subject to clause 15 herein, in the event of failure by the Seller or Buyer to comply with any of the obligations assumed under this contract, shall entitle the other party, without prejudice to any other or recourses available to it, to consider such failure as a breach of this contract and to terminate the same, or to unilaterally suspend its performance until such failure is corrected, and in both cases, may claim direct damages for the breach of this contract.

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    Default Re: recources or resources?

    Hi Inglesa

    "Recources" as in the title doesn't exist in English. But both "resources" and "recourses" (as in the text) do. I think that in this legal context, "recourses" make sense: Legal recourse - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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    Default Re: recources or resources?

    You said it pabloa!!

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