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Thread: guns and rifles

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    Smile guns and rifles

    Hi, I'm new here and I welcome your suggestions!

    I do not know anything about guns, will you please help me translate this into Spanish? "We heard the sound of metal clasps on gun straps knocking against rifles". Thank you for your help.

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    Default Re: guns and rifles

    Hi Marķa,

    "Escuchamos el sonido de las hebillas de metal en las correas de las pistolas chocando contra los rifles."

    I understand that the "gun straps" refers to a different gun straps from the one from the rifles. So in this case, we could have two different "gun straps"

    Otherwise, I will prefer to use this other translation:

    "Escuchammos el sonido de rifles chocando contra las hebillas de sus correas"

    It is no too literal, but the real meaning remains.

    In the end, as it has always been, the decision is yours.

    I hope this can work.

    Continue posting.

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