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Thread: What's this phrase? (English)

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    Default What's this phrase? (English)

    I need the lyrics of this little audio and I've got almost the full lyrics, but I don't know one phrase. Can anybody tell me what phrase it is?

    This is the audio: Escuchar Certified Stiff Monty Python - goear.com

    And this is the lyrics almost full: Dead? Ring Arthur Sargeant of Prestatian, the fastest funeral service in North Wales! We will get the deceased out of the house and down the chute within the hour. Free wine glasses with every certified stiff. Ring 0402187 if you're about to snuff it, and our fit eight fifty will be at your door in ten minutes. Also, (no puedo comprenderlo....) see everything.

    (Sorry for my English, I'm Spanish)

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    Default Re: What's this phrase? (English)

    [QUOTE=Manuel Pico;49422] Also, (no puedo comprenderlo....) see everything.

    Also Danish and Scandinavian box, see everything.

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