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Thread: Can anybody transcript this audio script? (English)

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    Default Can anybody transcript this audio script? (English)

    I need the script of this Monty Python's audio. Can someone transcript the text it, please?
    This is the audio:
    Escuchar Wonderful World Of Sound Monty Python - goear.com
    Thank you very much.
    (Sorry for my English, I'm Spanish)

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    Default Re: Can anybody transcript this audio script? (English)

    Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of sound. Yes the sound of a commond househould ant magnified 300,000 times. And now the sound of a tiny cockroach sneezing magnified 60,000,000 times. See how it frightens -- Aaahhh -- caught my finger in the draw there. Even the sound of a *** fly picking it's nose magnified only 75,000 times frightens the ant (noise) and the tiny **** as well --- (crashing and banging around) --- JESUS CHRIST! - shut up! - Sorry! – Well now listen to this, the sound of an African anteater rubbing vick on it's chest – Wow Hey Hey isn't that exciting. (crashing and banging) SHUT UP! - SORRY! - But can a black ant get hold of vick vapor rub WELL NO but it can ask a friend to get some. Listen to this magnified 92,000 times the sound of the vicious *** lizard visiting a chemist. Isn't Nature wonderful. Hey hey yeah yeah yeah. And now a herd of zebras visiting the same chemist to ask for something for the weekend --- and Finally – aww – Finally some eyedrops being bought in the chemist just down the street by a Bengal Tiger – aw Christ – hey *** zebras ** on top of the wood love – oh what chair* ****

    Couldn't understand the last few seconds there

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