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Thread: referrals + translation??

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    Default referrals + translation??

    Hi everybody!

    I need help with the word referrals in the following sentence:

    Bank of America continued to leverage its global franchise and increase the number of referrals.

    It could be:

    Bank of America continuó potenciando su franquicia mundial y aumentando el número de remisiones... But I dont think remisiones is the correct one...any suggestion?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Default Re: referrals + translation??

    Hey there!

    I hope this can help you

    Bank of America continuó aprovechando su franquicia mundial y aumentando sus referencias.

    I think that this sentence is talking about Bank of America who continued expanding itself worldwide and by doing that, expanded its experience, know-how, curriculum, referrals, etc, right?

    Have a nice day!

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