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Thread: Stewardship Parish

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    Default Re: Stewardship Parish

    Agree 100% w/Vic. (for a change haha )

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    Default Re: Stewardship Parish

    Hi Vicente!
    Happy to "read" you! Yes, it's been a while. I don't have as much time as I used to have but try to visit the forum once in a while.
    Truth is my friend, that I did my best to understand this phrase and even googled around a bit to see if there was smth like this without much luck. So, from my understanding I offered a translation. And now as I googled further I found that the word is mayordomía in terms of parish and church. Look what I found

    La mayordomía debe ser Moldeada por la comprensión de la Teología: La perspectiva cuidadosa hace evidente que la práctica de la mayordomía de la iglesia es una proyección o efecto de la teología de los miembros.Sino comprendemos sobre este o cualquier tema, cómo vamos a esperar, administrar o dar abiertamente en nuestras iglesias.
    Un mayordomo es, aquel a quien le son confiadas las posesiones de otro y debe administrarlas de conformidad con el dueño divino. La palabra mayordomía implica; confianza, responsabilidad y sociedad.

    In other words your approach is a lot better and I would definitely say it's a Iglesia de Mayordomía (this would be the word replacing administrativa in ecclesiastical terms hahahaha) After this, I can give a lecture on Mayordomía...:-)

    And for Ro, this is an interesting paper and may be of some help for your translation in general.

    Thanks Vicente. You, as usual, giving the best explanations and reasoning!
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    Default Re: Stewardship Parish

    Quote Originally Posted by Cotty View Post
    Agree 100% w/Vic. (for a change haha )
    WUU JUU!! (I'm dancing in the middle of the room!! jajajaja)

    Seriously, thank you ladies! I greatly admire your translating abilities and I am humbled to be able to add something beneficial to any post that you participate in.


    P.S.: Sandra, like you, I don't visit the forum as often as I used to but it is great to see you mi amiga!!
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