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Thread: Kissinger Article

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    Wink Kissinger Article

    Hi everyone, I am translating a Kissinger article and I have found some problems, hope you can help
    how would you translate into Spanish:
    The two sides are deadlocked on how, or even whether, to launch a new multilateral trade negotiation.
    I translated it into this, but I am not so sure about it:

    Las dos partes se encuentran en un punto muerto en cuanto a la necesidad de establecer una nueve negociacion comercial y en como lograrla.

    Thanks everyone!
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    Hi Odra, your translation is fine, but another way of saying it would be:

    Ambas partes se encuentran estancadas en cuanto a cómo iniciar una nueva negociación de comercio multilateral, o incluso, si debieran iniciarla.

    Best of luck with your article!

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