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Thread: wheel-end foundation

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    Default wheel-end foundation

    Hi everyone!

    I still have some vocabulary doubts which I still haven't been able to clarify:

    (...) combines and expands the complementary wheel-end foundation brake technologies of two global leaders (...)

    Do you think "tecnologías de frenos de fundación de rodamientos", is ok? My guess is I'm missing "wheel-end"..

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: wheel-end foundation

    No me parece adecuada fundación de rodamientos.

    Wheel-end es el eje o punta de eje.

    Foundation brakes son frenos para camiones de carga media-pesada.

    Mira estos enlaces
    Dana Corporation presenta la acción conjunta en sistemas de frenado con Bendix
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    Default Re: wheel-end foundation

    Hi Laural,
    I also found foundation brake is a synonim for drum brakes. So I think it could be translated as frenos de tambor.
    With the little context we have I think it may mean: (...) combina y expande las tecnologías de freno de tambor y de punta de eje de los dos líderes mundiales.

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