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Thread: help spanish to english lyrics

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    Default help spanish to english lyrics

    can you please help me, I'm doing some subtitles for Happy Feet and I couldn't really translate the song "A mi manera". Here it is as I copy-pasted it from a lyrics site:

    Mis amigos, les declarare
    Les dire
    Que estoy seguro

    Es un hombre
    Sin nada mas
    Si no un Senor
    Con lagrimas

    Debe decir
    Debe gritar
    Debe sentir
    En la verdad

    Luche, gane
    Lo hice Myyy Waaaay!

    I'll be really grateful if you can help me!!!

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    Hi poppi ,
    This sounds like a poor Spanish version of the original English song.
    Certain parts did not make a lot of sense so I rephrased them, based on my inference of what the writer meant to say.

    "My friend, I will declare and will say that I am certain.
    He is not just a man, but he is a gentleman with tears

    He must state. he must shout, he must feel, that it is the true.
    I struggled, I wan, I succeeded, and I did it My Way"
    Hope this helps a little !!!

    Truly, my dear young friends, you are a chosen generation. I hope you will never forget it.
    Gordon B. Hinckley

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    Thanks, Hebe! You really helped

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