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Thread: Suggesting/asking politely

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    Default Suggesting/asking politely

    I am living in buenos aires right now and am going to run in the half marathon on sunday. I want to write a message to my friends telling them when it starts and where they can go if they want to come watch and i have a question regarding how i should write it. The race starts at 8am on sunday, so i want to say something along the lines of:

    "I know its really early, but if you don't have too rough of a night on saturday, wake up and come watch/cheer me on when i run!!"

    I want them to come, but I know its is really early after a saturday night (especially in BA), and don't want it to sound like i am expecting them to come. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Suggesting/asking politely

    Being that is for Buenos Aires, Im assuming you want to translate into spanish. I would say as follows:

    Se que es muy temprano, pero si no salis hasta muy tarde el Sabado a la noche, venime a alentar!


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    Default Re: Suggesting/asking politely

    That's for just one person, if you want to leave a message to a few friends, you have to change just a few things:

    Se que es muy temprano, pero si no salen hasta muy tarde el Sabado a la noche, levantense/despiertense y vengan a alentar!

    Hope it helps!!

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