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Thread: "Everything there was so breathtaking" to French

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    Default "Everything there was so breathtaking" to French

    I'm doing a leaflet about London for my french homework.
    I'm not too sure on this quote I want to use for the front cover.
    So first I want to say
    "Come and visit London!"
    But I think I've already got this, please correct me if not, however.
    "Venez visiter Londres!"

    Then this is the quote I'm not sure about...
    I want to say "Everything there was so breathtaking"
    So far I've got:
    "Tout il etait"
    So please could someone finish that for me and correct the first bit I've done too if necessary.

    If I need any other help, I'll edit this post.
    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Re: "Everything there was so breathtaking" to French

    Hi Elliott,

    the first bit : "venez visiter Londres" is very good !

    for the second part, I would say : "tout était fascinant"

    or "tout y était fascinant" everything there was fascinating
    breathtaking = à vous couper le souffle
    that would be
    "tout y était à vous couper le souffle" but it doesn't sound too good...
    or perhaps, the closest to what you mean :
    "tout y était tellement fascinant!"

    à la prochaine !
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