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Thread: English to French

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    Default English to French

    If anybody could translate this into french, it would greatly be appreciated.

    Tuck, You are not allowed to attack to or from spawn area!
    Tuck, You are not allowed to camp near spawn area!
    Tuck, You may only speak english in microphone!
    Tuck, You cannot comment administrators in public!
    You have been kicked, for breaking rules repeatedly
    You have been banned x minutes, for breaking rules repeatedly
    You cannot spawn attack at all.
    You cannot camp near spawn at all.
    You are allowed to report, kill, votekick or voteban any rule breakers for every rule they broke.
    You are not allowed to speak other languages than english in your microphone.
    You have to obay administrators, unless they are being abusiv.
    $author = "YOU!?";
    $name = "English Rules";

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    Default Re: English to French

    Podrias enviarnos tu version del texto y en todo caso nosotros te damos una devolucion, o modificamos los terminos que nos parecen incorrectos.

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