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Thread: Website Translation Texts

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    Default Website Translation Texts

    Hola todos!

    I'm new here so firstly hello / hola!

    Although my spoken Spanish is fine, I've been lumbered with translating some texts for my company and I'm totally stuck! My Spanish is not very technical so if anyone could help, I'd massively appreciate it!

    From English to Spanish, I need the following texts:

    - Premium Search (as in a premium account)
    - Premium Public Records
    - Search trends
    - Click to enlarge
    - Power user
    - Your Premium Membership ends on
    - Your Premium Membership Package
    - Would you like to see a hidden result?
    - Word of mouth
    - Yes, I have read the general (terms and conditions)
    - Yes, I have read and accepted the (terms and conditions)
    - We have sent you an activation email. Please click on the link to activate your account.
    - We have sent you an activation email
    - There are no searches for this period
    - See complete report
    - Search history
    - Restart payment process
    - Demographics

    I know it's a lot, but I'm utterly stuck and I this would help me massively!



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    Default Re: Website Translation Texts

    Hi! Hope it helps!!

    Búsqueda Especial (como en cuenta especial)
    - Registros Públicos Especiales
    - Buscar tendencias
    - Pinchar para agrandar
    - Usuario de Aplicaciones Avanzadas
    - Su Membresía Especial termina el
    - Su Paquete de Membresía Especial
    - ¿Le gustaría ver un resultado oculto?
    - De Boca en Boca
    - Sí, he leído el general (términos y condiciones)
    - Sí, he leído y aceptado los (términos y condiciones)
    - Le hemos enviado un correo electrónico de activación. Por favor pinche en el vínculo para activar su cuenta.
    - Le hemos enviado un correo electrónico de activación.
    - No hay búsquedas para este período
    - Ver reporte completo
    - Buscar historial
    - Reanudar proceso de pago
    - Demográficos.


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