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Thread: "small utilities"

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    Default "small utilities"

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm translating a small text from english into spanish and I'm stuck with this phrase... the complete paragraph says

    Designed to provide true value, ELA-SU program allows small utilities to deploy more seats and additional ArcFM-family products for less cost than standard per-seat and per-product licensing arrangements. Through three annual payments, small utilities will have access to the entire ArcFM Solution, providing deployment flexibility and greatly simplified license management

    Could anyone explain what a small utility is??


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    Default Re: "small utilities"

    Hi MariaLaura!!

    Sounds like small computer programs that use the ArcFM Solution suit.

    Anyone thinks different?

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    Default Re: "small utilities"


    I believe that you are referring to the Small Utility Enterprise License Agreement put out by ESRI the California-based provider of GIS and mapping software. In this context a "small utility" is a small business that wishes to purchase and use ESRI software.

    The correct translation of "small utility" to Spanish is "pequen~o grupo empresarial" or simply "pequen~a empresa."

    "Small Utility Enterprise License Agreement" would be translated as "Contrato de Licencia de Uso para Pequen~as Empresas"

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    Default Re: "small utilities"

    This could go either way, at first read I assumed it was referring to a “light weight” software, or program however having now read ed_freire I can see how it would also make sense referring to the Small Utility Enterprise License Agreement. Personally I would go with my first glance, but I could be wrong.

    Spanish to English Translations:

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