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Thread: Can somebody check my translation, please?? Please!!

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    Default Can somebody check my translation, please?? Please!!

    Hi there!
    My spanish is really bad but I try to improve it and to avoid many mistakes... but most of the time I make huge mistakes
    So I have a few sentences in english I have to translate in spanish... so would somebody may check and correct them?? Would be so great and this would help me a lot!!
    Thank you!

    P.S. I'm sorry but I don't know if this is the right forum to post so I posted the same thread into the general translation forum!

    Una exavadora viaja a marte

    In Cape Canaveral the Nasa sent a ship to the mars.
    En Cabo Canaveral la NASA destinó la nava “Phoenix” a marte.

    Since 1940 Cape Canaveral is the main center for special activities from the USA.
    Cabo Cañaveral es, desde el año 1950, el principal centro de las actividades espaciales de los Estados Unidos.

    The area is controlled by the NASA and by the US Air Force.
    El área está controlada en parte por la NASA y en parte por la US Air Force.

    The operation was already launched but it is supposed to reach the mars in 2008.
    La operación ha arranquido pero la nava alcanzará el marte en el ano 2008.

    The reason why they sent the ship to the red planet is to explore the earth on mars and to see if there is ice.
    El motivo porque la NASA destinó la nava “Phoenix” a la planeta roja es escrutar la tierra de la planeta y la busca a aqua.

    Scientists predict that there is frozen water on mars.
    Los científicos predicen hay el hielo en el marte.

    The ship is not programmed to look if there is any life on the planet.
    No es el motivo de la nava “Phoenix” buscar si hay ser humanos en la planeta roja.

    The total cost for the operation amounts to € 300 million.
    El gasto total por éste exavadora viaja a marte asciende de € 300 millónes.

    The ship also has an electronic arm which can digg and a small camera to take pictures of the red planet.
    La nava “Phoenix” tiene un brazo electronico para excavar en la tierra y una cámara que puede hacer fotos de la planeta roja.

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    "Destinó" should be "envió" and "la nava" should be "la nave", "arranquido" is better as "comenzado".
    "Planeta" is actually masculine, and ice translates as "hielo".

    It's a rather bad translation, and I believe that in English you don't say "the Mars" but just "Mars", as in Spanish.

    Hope this helps a bit!

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