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1.Product characteristics and functions:
The output of 6N series Big Rice Mill Machine 300kg/hour.It main function is to mill paddy into rice,remove the husk,polish and sort the rice.The people eats full rice,and the husk and broken rice feed to animals,such as:the cock,duck,pig,cow,sheep,horse etc.
The most advantages of this machine is to be used easily and small, you just power on then the process of foodstuff can be easily realized.This machine is widely be used in agricultural family,farm etc. You can move it to anywhere.Its good quality can use many years,Buy one machine we supply one full sets spare parts,use guide book and repair VCD (English language) free to buyer.

1.1 Product characteristics :
Big Rice Mill Machine is the new developed product for the present agriculture,the character of the new type machine are compact structure,more using function,convenient maintenance,good performance,reasonable price,etc.
1.2 Use Surrounding and work conditions
Surrounding and running conditions: normal temperature; power supply: 220V, 60Hz. The machine running place shall be ventilation, dryness, commodiousness, brightness and with fire-extinguishing.
Forbidden material equipment: the harden objects are prohibited to put into the machine, such as iron chips, coal, wood, stone blocks, etc.
1.3 Affection for environment and energy: there is no any affection for environment and energy with this machine in normal operation mood, this product will not lead to environmental pollution and energy wasting.

Model and definition :
6N —80 series:
N ---Rice mill function
80---Rotor diameter(cm)