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Thread: "Failure to thrive"

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    Default "Failure to thrive"

    Hola a todos~

    Am translating a death certificate into spanish destined for Colombia---primary cause of death is "Failure to thrive."

    (Secondary to Alzheimers--woman was 78)

    I am stumped on this one---my husband also (he's a native speaker but spoke spanish as a kid--living & going to schools only in the US he's lost a lot)

    Really need some help...Thank you!

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    Default Re: "Failure to thrive"

    Hola Fresno,
    According to Oxford-Complutense dictionary as: desorden (trastorno) del crecimiento.

    I also found a glossary on the page of the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse. The term is translated as: retraso del crecimiento.

    Since the woman was 78 I dont think that is the correct diagnosis. I know nothing about Medicine and very little about translation, but I think it might be referring to evolución desfavorable.

    Anyway, I hardly recomend you wait for an expert's opinion.

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    Default Re: "Failure to thrive"

    failure to thrive quiere decir "desmedro"
    se usa en pediatría para los niños cuyo peso no progresa adecuadamente
    te sirve?


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