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Thread: Article title

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    Question Article title

    Hi everyone!

    I have a small article called
    Medical considerations for male-to-female transgender women

    How would you translate it?
    It's a medical article that talks about HIV, the register is not too formal, but not too informal either.

    I've seen "transexual" in Spanish but I think that's a different person...


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    Default Re: Article title

    Hi Veronica,

    I think this refers to men who have had surgeries to change their gender. Transexual is a different thing.
    In Spanish I have seen
    operación de cambio de s e x o
    "Cirugia de Reasignación S e x u a l" identificado con las siglas en inglés: "GRS"

    So, it would be something like
    Consideraciones médicas para mujeres que se sometieron a cirugía de reasignación s e x u a l (hombre a mujer)

    It's kind of difficult, Vero. Hope this helps at least to understand it!
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