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Thread: Time Trends :(

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    Unhappy Time Trends :(

    Hi. I am translating an article on health and work in Central America. I am posting this question in "Medical" because I have seen the term linked to "medicine" in many Internet sites.

    My problem is with "Time Trends", since I am not sure of the meaning or the equivalent in Spanish. I have found many options but I am not sure which one is the most common or the right one.


    Most countries in Central America report an increase in accident rates. Yet, heavy underreporting and resistance to acknowledge the work relatedness of injuries hamper official statistics and make the establishment of time trends difficult.

    Do you have any idea of the right meaning or right equivalent.



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    Default Re: Time Trends :(

    I guess something like tendencias/patrones de la temporada would do.
    I guess it refers to accidents in a particular time of the year and the trend of the time not established because of ...the rest of the information.
    hope it helps!
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