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Thread: outbreak (studies) (related to diseases)

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    Default outbreak (studies) (related to diseases)


    I will really appreciate your help.

    I have this term several times in a text I am translating (report on work safety and health). My first option was "(estudios de) brotes" but I am not happy with it, since I associate "brotes" with viruses, for instance, not with other kind of diseases. I have some examples here:

    1: there is a comprehensive community empowerment project resulting in broad interinstitutional attention to improve complex work and living conditions of migrant workers from 3 countries and several outbreak studies with direct impact on work conditions, for example those of pesticide poisoned banana...

    2: Strengthening the capacity for conducting occupational and environmental outbreak and hazard identification studies

    3: The Program has contributed significantly by providing support to workers in evaluating their health status and exposures in outbreaks of acute and chronic chlorpyrifos poisonings in this country.

    4: Phase I designed outbreak studies for renal disease in the four countries with a sugarcane project.

    Any idea of the correct translation?



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    HI Hellen! Welcome to the forum!
    I would definetely translate outbreak as "brote".

    Outbreak 1. A sudden violent spontaneous occurrence of an undesirable condition.
    Synonyms according to the Webster are:
    Beginning, attack, egress, excitability, violence... (just in case you may need them)

    I think in this case
    outbreak and hazard identification studies
    son estudios de identificación de brotes y riesgo

    designed outbreak studies for renal disease in the four countries with a sugarcane project

    estudios relacionados con el brote de enfermedades renales, diseñados para cuatro países con un proyecto sobre la caña de azúcar.
    This is my try. I am not happy with the result but without context I am not sure if the sugar cane can cause a renal disease or what exactly.
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    I would translate as "epidemia".
    Brote can be as small as just one person, outbreak is a bigger number.

    What do you think?

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    What about ¨estudios epidemiológicos¨....

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    Default Brote

    I prefer "brote" for "outbreak". It focuses on the appearance of cases, no matter how many people are involved. On the other hand, when talking about an epidemia it is always referred to a number of cases higher than the average (i.e. a certain disease can be prevalent/present but the number of cases ran over the average). Hope it helps!

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