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Thread: potentially pro-survival roles of IL-6

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    Default potentially pro-survival roles of IL-6

    I really need help with this phrase!!! I 'd thank you all a lot.

    This is the context
    Research project on understanding the potentially pro-survival roles of IL-6 in apoptosis pathways in
    photoreceptor cell death using a murine model of retinal detachment
    . The project is conducted under the direction of Dr. David Zacks, Department of Ophthalmology.

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    Hi pachi! Here is my suggestion.

    Proyecto de investigación para comprender el rol de la interleuquina 6, posiblemente a favor de la supervivencia, en apoptosis de células fotorreceptoras usando un modelo murino de desprendimiento de retina.

    Hope it helps, I don't like the "posiblemente a favor" part, but I didn't come up with anything better
    potencialmente favoreciendo...??

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