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Thread: Translation in Various Spanish Dialects

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    Default Translation in Various Spanish Dialects

    Greetings to the Forum.

    I appreciate your help in this matter. I am an IT professional and working with a doctors office that needs translation of medical pamphlets into many spanish dialects from different countries, English to Argentinean Bolivian
    Colombian Costa Rican Chilean Cuban Dominican Ecuadorian Salvadorean
    Guatemalan Honduran MexicanNicaraguan Panamanian Paraguayan
    Peruvian Puerto Rican Uruguayan Venezuelan

    Is there a place online that provides free translations to these dialects via a simple copy and paste? If not is there special software that would accommodate these different dialect translations?
    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Re: Translation in Various Spanish Dialects

    What you are asking for does not yet exist.
    You will have to go through several flesh and blood translators.
    And, if you are fair, you will have to pay them for their work.
    Or, are you working for free?

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