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Thread: Simple translations need urgent help

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    Default Simple translations need urgent help


    I have a couple of games and here are the quick 1 line descriptions. I need the translation to latin american spanish for this. If someone can help it would be great. Just remember it should be catchy in spanish so when someone sees this description, they want to download the game right away. Here is the english:

    1) Take to the streets in hi-speed 3D racing action! Speed past the competition as you go full throttle against 5 other racers on intense terrains in a race to win it all.

    2) Set your course for action, adventure, and deception as you jump into the world of the Mystical Ninja!



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    Oooh I like these creative translations. Here's my atempt, I'm sure there'll be more!

    1) Sal a las calles con este juego de acción de alta velocidad en 3D! Deja atrás la carrera mientras aceleras al máximo pasando a 5 competidores, sobre terrenos intensos en una carrera a todo o nada.

    2) Decide tu plan de acción, aventura y decepción al sumergirte en el mundo de Mystical Ninja!

    Hope you like it!

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