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Thread: In need of a seductive translation!

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    Default In need of a seductive translation!

    I am currently working on a campaign and am in need of a seductive way to say "I can see right though you". Something speaking to seeing the true nature of a person almost immediately. Any help is appreciated!

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    Default Re: In need of a seductive translation!

    Hi katharsys

    I assume you mean "through", a common English expression which I would bet wasn't invented by the Beatles. The closest expression I'm aware of in Spanish is "ˇte conozco, mascarita!" (I know you , little mask!), but I wouldn't call it seductive. So we need to go creative on this one:

    - (Para mí) tu máscara es de vidrio.
    - Tu alma me mira hoy (title of a song from the 70s)
    - Veo tu alma desnuda (used as lyrics of many songs, unsurprisingly)

    None of them are really convincing, but they might be used as a starting point. Hope it helps.


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    Default Re: In need of a seductive translation!

    How about "Puedo leer tu alma"?

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