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Thread: Facilitation and transaction agreement

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    Default Facilitation and transaction agreement

    I need help to translate these capitalized words into Spanish.

    1) Facilitation and transaction agreement
    2) an exercise price in consideration for its receiving the right and option mentioned in (a) above of dollars XXXX calculated based upon the effective percentage of XXXX being purchased, multiplied against the total valuation of dollars ***.
    3) Whereas, consquently, the Current X Shareholders directly or indirectly own, and are the beneficial owners of, in the aggregate, 90,549% of the issued and outstanding capital stock and voting rights of yyy, through their holdings in zzz and vvv, which are sole holding companies, and their direct holdings in yyy.

    Thank you very much!
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    Default Facilitation and transaction agreement


    Facilitation and transaction agreement = Acuerdo de transacción y ayuda

    multiplied against the total valuation of dollars = Multiplicado por el valor total en dólares

    sole holding companies = Sociedades tenedoras únicas

    direct holdings = Sociedades tenedoras directas.

    You are welcome.

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