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Thread: This Agreement

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    In my opinion and based on the definition of contract I have found, from the English perspective the only difference between a contract and an agreement is that a contract is always legally enforceable or binding. Whereas agreements reached verbally can be breached without legal consequences. Two people can agree to a join action but unless there is a legal instrument supporting and evidencing this agreement no legal actions can be taken in the event of a breach. In the example brought by margieben, it is obvious we can use the term contract or agreement, under the understanding that said agreement is legally biding.
    I look forward to some feedbacks or comments on the contrary as one never stops leaning
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    Definitions of contract in the web:

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    Quote Originally Posted by margieben
    I need help translating to Spanish - This Agreement is entered into by and between...
    Thank you!
    Hola a todos !!!
    creo que la mejor opcion seria la que propusieron de "el presente acuerdo se celebra entre.." ya que el uso de dobletes o tripletes es muy frecuente en los textos legales en ingles pero el castellano tiende a suprimir y utilizar una sola preposicion...
    espero les ayude!!

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