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Thread: - Please Help About Traslation Legal Issues.

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    Default - Please Help About Traslation Legal Issues.

    - Hi all, please can you help me about that next?

    - Recently I begun to translating very oldest english books about from one hundred to six hundred years of oldest from the first time when these was published.

    - These books are mainly from England authors.

    - Already I was readed in some web-site about that books are free of legal issues if their own authors had more than 60 years of fined-died. But really I don`t know if that information is enough for to go ahead with the publication of these books.

    - My purpose is to run a very smallest private edition of these books. Already I never had published nothing, and it will be my first trial on that matter.

    - Any help with all that questions is very welcome !!

    - Many thanks to all in advance. I living in mexico city.

    - Best regards. Roberto.

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    Umm I don't know what you want or what your post was about because your English is a little choppy, but i'd be happy to help!

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    I agree with scooby. In any case, you may post some sentences with your translation and we will help refine them if needed.
    Los hombres son superiores a las mujeres porque Alá les otorgó la primacia sobre ellas. Portanto, dió a los varones el doble de lo que dió a las mujeres. Los maridos que sufrieran desobediencia de sus mujeres pueden castigarlas: abandonarlas en sus lechos, e incluso golpearlas.
    No se legó al hombre mayor calamidad que la mujer."

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    Hola, tocayo:

    Como dicen Exxcéntrica y Scooby, tus frases en inglés suenan un poco confusas. ¿Por qué no nos explicas primero en español cuál es tu petición? Con gusto te ayudaré en lo que pueda, sobre todo porque vivimos en la misma ciudad.


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