Hello everybody,

my boyfriend is Mexican and Im German. (Sorry my English is also not so good.☺️)
Our anniversary is soon and I wanna show him how much I love him into his mother language.

Could anybody translate me the following text into Spanish please:

Thank you for everything my love. Im so happy that I met you. I cant wait to finally see you again because I miss you so much. I love you above all/over everything my life (mi vida/ vida mo?). You are everything to me.

Those who didnt believe in us will see that our love grows stronger and stronger everyday.
(Because hes stationed in the Army here in Germany a lot of people thought that hes not serious or we wont make it because of language problems... (maybe someone knows a better text for this situation or maybe theres a Spanish saying for a situation like that?)

Thank you in advance.

Muchas Gracias ❤️