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Thread: Apostille Translation for use in Venezuela

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    Post Apostille Translation for use in Venezuela

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to the forum and am looking for information on the translation of US documents that have the appropriate apostilles (birth certificate and affidavit to marry) for use in Venezuela. It's been quite difficult finding information about the typical cost of translations, beyond that of the corporate apostille websites, and where one could get this done. I'm also unsure of whether or not said documents should be prepared in duplicate for use in Venezuela, as stated by the official US Department of State website on Venezuela in regards to 'Obtaining Evidence in Civil and Commercial Matters'. I'm also unsure if this refers to a color copy/photocopy of said documents or a duplicate set of officially prepared documents .

    I'd appreciate if you could help answer these questions because it's been a very confusing process without an appropriate point of reference.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: Apostille Translation for use in Venezuela


    As a rule, the officer who asks for the Sworn Public Translation informs all the requirements, like the copies.

    Another option is to talk to some of the agents with offices near the government division which requires the translation, since most probably these agents offer their services to submit any forms at that government division.

    Good luck!

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