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Thread: Ayuda: Judgment of divorce nisi under M.G.L.

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    Default Ayuda: Judgment of divorce nisi under M.G.L.

    Hola, necesitaría saber como se traducen al español unas palabras de una sentencia provisional de divorcio de Massachusetts:

    Es el último párrafo de la sentencia donde expone, entiendo que con un formato establecido, que se trata de una sentencia provisional...

    El párrafo empieza asi: "All persons interested having been duly notified in accordance with the law and after hearing it is adjudged nisi that a divorce from the bond of matrimony be granted the parties for the cause of irretrievable breakdown..."

    Las palabras en negrita no se como se podrían traducir.

    Muchas gracias.

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    Default Re: Ayuda: Judgment of divorce nisi under M.G.L.


    Encontré esto en Wikipedia:

    A decree nisi or rule nisi (from Latin nisi, meaning "unless") is a court order that does not have any force unless a particular condition is met. Once the condition is met, the ruling becomes a decree absolute (rule absolute), and is binding.

    Using the example of a divorce, the wording of such a decree is generally in the form of "that the marriage, had and solemnized on (date) between AB and CD, be dissolved by reason that (grounds) UNLESS sufficient cause be shown to the court why this decree should not be made absolute within six weeks of the making hereof". This allows time for any party who objects to the divorce to come forward with those objections.

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