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Thread: Judicial overhang

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    Default Judicial overhang

    Hello, I am translating a case-law book about the judicial review in the US and there appears the neologism created by the author: "judicial overhang" when trying to explain the positive and negative sides of leaving judicial review in hands of the Supreme Court. As a positive side the author explains that the Congress do not pay enough attention to the passing of laws since the Court will ultimately review the constitutionality or unconstitutionality of any statute; therefore, he advocates for judicial review made by the Court. On the other side, he also gives his point of view about the negative side of the Court having all the power to decide on constitutional matters. This is a brief approach to the concept the author desires to express with the term of the Thread.

    Of course, the word "overhang" is polysemic and it is difficult to find a translation in Spanish that may represent this idea. Perhaps you have ever heard of this term and its possible Spanish translation.

    Many thanks to whom may enlighten me on this inquiry!

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    Default Re: Judicial overhang


    Ocurre lo mismo en el sistema judicial de otros países hispanohablantes.

    Te sugiero:

    "control judicial de la constitucionalidad"

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