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Thread: equity long-short hedge fund

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    Mariana Inés Oriolo

    Default equity long-short hedge fund

    ¿alguien me puede ayudar con esto?
    el texto dice "These average figures mask some large double-digit falls at some equity long-short hedge funds."
    El problema lo tengo con la traducción de "equity long-short hedge funds". No se si long-short se refiere a "largo y corto plazo" o a "operaciones largas y cortas" (compras cortas y compras largas). Estoy casi segura de que se refiere a esto último.
    Desde ya, muchas gracias! Estoy segura de que me serán de mucha ayuda.


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    Encontré estoy sobre Hedge Funds, por ahí te puede servir.
    Mariana E.

    A hedge fund is a fund that can take both long and short positions, use arbitrage, buy and sell undervalued securities, trade options or bonds, and invest in almost any opportunity in any market where it foresees impressive gains at reduced risk. Hedge fund strategies vary enormously -- many hedge against downturns in the markets -- especially important today with volatility and anticipation of corrections in overheated stock markets. The primary aim of most hedge funds is to reduce volatility and risk while attempting to preserve capital and deliver positive returns under all market conditions.


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    Mariana Inés Oriolo


    Gracias Mariana!

    Finalmente puse "hedge funds de acciones que toman posiciones largas y cortas".


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