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Thread: repricig

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    Default repricing

    Hi, I need a word or phrase to translate into spanish the word "repricing", as in these sentences:

    "The maturity mismatch, or more precisely the repricing mismatch, is also the key source of interest rate risk..."


    "The repricing characteristic of an asset or liability need not to be the same as its maturity..."

    I found that repricing is
    To change the price of an asset. In derivatives, it sometimes refers to the exchange of options of with different strike prices.

    Even though I understand the meaning, I have not find an appropiate word in spanish, suggestions??? Thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: repricig

    "Repricing" = "Revalorización"

    "The maturity mismatch, or more precisely the repricing mismatch, is also the key source of interest rate risk"

    I am assuming that this refers to the maturity of two bonds or preferred stocks against a background of rising/falling interest rates, the idea to maximize profit, and how this is hampered by the lack of a common maturity or a common repricing porcentile at maturity. The broader context is needed, as you can see, but here goes my translation attempt anyway:

    "La discrepancia en las fechas de vencimiento, o más exactamente, la discrepancia en las revalorizaciones, constituye también la principal fuente de riesgo referente a los tipos de interés."

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    Default Re: repricig

    Excelente la versión de ed fiere !!!!
    QUisiera sugerir como alternativa para repricing "variación de precios" o aumento de precios según sea el caso .

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    Default Re: repricig

    En Argentina es muy común "remarcación de precios", pero las versiones sugeridas suenan muy bien también.


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    Default Re: repricig

    en España revalorización
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